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Welcome to the FreeForm web site! This site is devoted to the development of FreeForm project and would offer pleasant information to the FreeForm users and developers.

Read more about FreeForm

FreeForm is an open source (licensed under GNU GPL) non-profit project, which assumes open source philosophy with Microsoft .NET technology. FreeForm is a business form management system, which affords users to design and fill rich script-enabled forms. The binding of a form to the XML file is fully customizable, so FreeForm can work with any format of XML you want.

Download FreeForm source

Currently the project consists of two packages - FreeForm source package, that includes all source code of the project, documentation and tools, which are used internally by the developers, and FreeForm package, which includes only compiled binaries of the project. Source package is a code snapshot, which is generally much more stable that the one from night build.

Get .NET Framework

.NET is an innovative platform for applications, which gives developers a set of powerful capabilities. A FreeForm project is build on a .NET platform using an innovative C# programming language. If you want to run FreeForm than you should first install .NET Framework redistributable, which can be downloaded directly from Microsoft site.

Participate in the project

A FreeForm needs you! Even if we don't have any "hot" vacancions currently, it does not mean, that you can't help. If you are interested in this project and you have something that you can do for it (it must not be only programming), you can write to the administrator of the project. Do not forget to tell briefly about your and about your interest in the project.

Subscribe to the mailing list

Currently the project has only one mail list - FreeForm news, which is used to inform developers and users about main events in the project development. Subscribe to the mailing list to receive information about project releases, new services for the users and even about enchancements of this site. Mailing lists provided via a SourceForge.net version of GNU Mailman.

Get support

If you have any questions and suggestions considering the latest file release of the project you can post your question or comment in one of the FreeForm forums, which can be found at SourceForge.net. We would try to answer all your questions. Fill free to contact us also through email (which is specified at the bottom of this page or through the project mailing list.
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